Check the advertising potential of the location

Do you want to reach your target group in a specific place with your ad? Selectivv Viewer will quickly check the advertising potential of any location in Poland

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Find out who are the smartphone users in the selected location

Enter the address you are interested in, and in a few seconds you will receive the information
about the daily number of people in the place and their behavioral profiles
- age, gender, interests, used applications and activities on smartphones.

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Find out who the recipients of your mobile campaigns are

Do you run advertising campaigns on Adform, Appnext or Google Doubleclick? Now, without changing the provider, you can check the behavioral profile of ad recipients, their interests and the locations in which they reside. At the same time, you will verify your marketing activities to make sure that the campaign has really reached the target group.

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Are you interested in a mobile campaign? Do you want to reach smartphone users assigned to 60 the ready behavioral profiles? Contact us!